Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy is a potent, non-invasive treatment option for certain kinds of tissue degeneration which can provide huge benefits to injury recovery. However, it is important to understand the treatment and speak with Dr. Thakral about whether it is appropriate in a given case. With the guidance of Dr. Thakral and his team you will be well informed and can rest assured that the prescribed treatment is the best option available.

What are Stem Cells and Where Do They Come From

Stem cells are very special cells which have the ability to become any other kind of cell in the human body, a trait referred to as pluripotency. Many people are familiar with embryonic stem cells, which are what allow a fetus to develop into a person in the womb by becoming all kinds of different cells; however, doctors have been developing stem cell techniques which utilize adult stem cells derived from blood, bone marrow, and other tissues in the patient’s body

How Do Stem Cells Work?

In general, stem cells are utilized for their incredible flexibility and ability to become any kind of body tissue, and so when they are introduced to an area with damaged tissue or unhealthy cells they act as a sort of catalyst to jump start the process of regeneration and healing.

Stem cells also introduce what are called growth factors to damaged cells, which are special types of proteins which encourage those cells to multiply and strengthen. This is highly important as these growth factors can be difficult to imitate or produce otherwise, so true growth factors which come from stem cells function best.

What Type of Injuries Can Stem Cell Treatments be Applied to?

Beyond very serious medical conditions (e.g. blood cancer, degenerative heart disease), stem cells can also be used in orthopedic applications for soft tissue damage and degeneration. When introduced into arthritic joints stem cells can act to regenerate damaged soft tissue, such as ligament and cartilage which are normally difficult tissues to heal. Doctors and scientists are researching the cutting edge of what stem cells can be used for daily, and we are finding new applications regularly.

Safety Considerations with Stem Cell Therapy

Because stem cell therapy is still a relatively new process the scientific and medical worlds are still discovering how it should and shouldn’t be used and what side effects it may have on patients who receive the treatment.

Most reported complications from stem cell therapies come from foreign countries where "medical tourism" is popular, in other words people travel to countries where medical regulation is less strict and receive unregulated stem cell treatments which lead to complications.

However, with the expertise of Dr. Thakral and his team you can rest assured that all treatment options will be considered alongside stem cell therapy and that the procedure will only be utilized if deemed by medical professionals to be safe and the proper route for the patient.

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