What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Dr. Thakral is absolutely wonderful. He takes the time to truly listen to me, assess my situation based on my lifestyle, provides multiple options and explains each one, and offers his experience/knowledge while empowering me to make my own decisions about the direction of care I want. I highly recommend him!

    Nasser E.

  • Dr Vishal Thakral has been a blessing to me as I go through the journey of recovery, healing and rehabilitation of my right knee cartilage injury that I picked up during tennis.

    To begin with he explained various treatment options with pros and cons I could choose from instead of recommending a surgery right away like few other doctors did. Its been 5 months now and I am almost back to normal without a surgery.

    I must say that its refreshing to have a doctor who you can trust and is always there to discuss your concerns and progress. Not only is Dr Vishal knowledgeable but also compassionate. He guided me through my journey of MRIs, treatment and physical therapy to give me realistic goals and milestones.

    I would highly recommend Dr Vishal with any of your sports injuries.
    Definitely Two Thumbs Up!!!

    Joel S.

  • " I have been working out for the last 50 years, 5 days a week and overtime tore the Miniscus & ACL In both my knees, I did not want to have to go through knee replacements or any surgery so I sought out a pain management Dr, ( Physiatrist) where I was given Hyaluronic injections called Synvisk, it gave me great relief in my knees enough so that I could continue working out. The treatment was a little uncomfortable until I met Dr. Thakral, in that office, and for the 1st time I never felt any discomfort, he is an amazing, very smart, very gentle but mostly a very straightforward and honest Dr., he has since moved locations but I follow him where ever he goes and will continue to. He is a very special person and an amazing Dr.!"
    Darolyn R.

  • OMG where do I start? Dr. Thakral is THE BEST!!! I came to him about a week ago with some health issues I was having and to my great surprise he was patient, kind and very caring. When seeing a new doctor you never really know what you'll get but he was everything and more. He was so pleasant and understanding and informative. He made sure I understood what was going on and got the right treatment as well as followed up to make sure everything worked out. I would highly recommend him to my family, friends and yes even strangers.

    Nieyla P.

  • I was referred to Dr. Thakral in 2019 after a car accident left me with severe pain in my neck, back and knees. I was a complete mess. Through a series of treatments, Dr. Thakral was able to get the pain in my neck and back under control. With regard to my knees, I was on the verge of doing surgery it was so bad! Dr. Thakral recommended I try PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy instead. What a godsend! After a series of injections, I was able to avoid surgery and the pain has subsided. Dr. Thakral was so kind and caring throughout the entire experience. He obviously does this job because he cares, not for the $$$. Could not recommend him anymore highly. He really helped give me my life back!

    Jenny H.

  • Dr. Thakral, Thank you so much for your very kind and professional treatment of my hand in my pain. Even though I have had a very complicated time with the pain in my thumb you and Dr. Cohen have been remarkable. The prolotherapy that you performed significantly improve the quality of my life and for that I will be forever grateful. Looking forward to having you treat me and take care of me. Dr. G

    Gina G.

  • Making an appointment with Dr. Thakral was the best decision I have ever made! I’ve been suffering from a wrist tendinitis for 3 years and nothing helped ( and I have tried everything). I felt instant relief after the first appointment. Highly recommend ! You will not regret it.

    Christophe G.

  • Dr. Thakral is an amazing doctor. The care he gives to each patient and kindness is amazing. Truly a doctor that looks in all aspects to finding the best care for his patients. Definitely recommend his healing arts.

    Claudia F.

  • Dr. Thakral has been superb in guiding my healing process around a fairly severe injury. I can't say enough about how happy I am to have found him. His ongoing treatment, expertise, medical skill, presence, and positivity have been instrumental in my healing. I am more than grateful.


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